Classic Souvenir Photo + Costume Period Drama

I go feral for Old Time Photos.

Found in some of the best places on earth, amusements parks and Pigeon Forge, these studios provide the ultimate dress up experience. You choose a theme, usually involving bags of money and guns, and put on costumes with velcro up the back. I've done it MULTIPLE times and I love it.

In this category, I would also include the JcPenny studios or the booth at the front of Walmart. A cookie-cutter experience with creative and accessible choices.

A special interest that pairs well...costume dramas, set in literally any decade, though I do tend to love anything about royalty or a dash of sapphic undertones. Portrait of a Lady on Fire makes me howl and Call the Midwife made me consider changing careers to deliver babies. The love goes deep.


Canadian Wonderland

July 4th, 2001

My Dad said we could each choose one activity. This was mine. Extremely patriotic. My brother sought out the place where he could make his own music video to "Who Let the Dogs Out".

Glamour Shots Round #1


They set up shop in the hair salon we went to as a kid and I went with my mom. It's giving Kindergarten Graduate and Canadian Tuxedo. We love them both and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Glamour Shots Round #2


My mom loved the first experience so much she took us back for family holiday photos. We snagged this shot of me as a mini bride. Amazing.

You can also see my 3rd grade school photo from 2001. This was when I told my hair stylist to make me look like Madeline.

Middle School Headshot


I was on vacation with my friend and her family. We were both pursuing professional musical theatre and did some walk-up photos. I remember begging my parents to pay for the session over the phone and I felt very professional.

Meet Sam Rockwell

Model. Costumer. Stylist.

"The process of going from idea to final image is never the same twice. Some days, I get hit with inspiration and have to release it from my system immediately through self portraits. Other ideas take time to develop, they become fully collaborative efforts with a fellow creative (usually the photographer) where the idea grows into something amazing. And then there is something in the middle, like this shoot."

"Emily and I had chatted about getting together to shoot with no clear direction or idea as to what we were going to do. It was, in all honesty, a reason for two creative friends to spend time together. I brought some wardrobe pieces, makeup, and props that felt soft and romantic. From there, we let the inspiration flow organically. Emily was working out the kinks of her new studio space and graciously let me help. We talked about life and big plans in between deciding what backdrop we should use and what wardrobe I should wear. As I found my groove in the space, Emily experimented with her flash.

This organic, collaborative process is therapeutic for me. Quality time is my main love language and sessions like this meet that need for me. Creating with someone I care about and respect fuels the process and, I think, improves the outcome. The soft romanticism captured in these images reflects how I’ve been feeling lately. Something in me has been sparked, I feel a yearning for new passions, I want to romanticize life, I want to get lost in the daydream of a big city. I wrote in my journal “ I want small moments filled with euphoric tension.” And, somehow, that search seems to begin here."


Old Time Photos

Soft, like a sapphic painting on your favorite BBC show. We will collaborate on your era, story, and styling. You will also have access to the client closet, sourced by local vintage sellers, stylists, and costumers, including Sam!

- 60 Minutes
- 30 Edited Images
- Planning/Styling Meeting Before Photoshoot
- Access to Client Closet
- Optional Add-Ons like Hair, Makeup, and Video Content.


*If you have vintage items to donate, sell, or lend, I would love to chat!*