Hello, Friend. You are glowing.

One of my favorite memories of Elif is doing crafts in her kitchen in 2016. We made candles, bracelets, and snacks. It was a lovely day.

The foundation of our friendship is art and a beautiful sense of calm. This maternity session was just that, even with the addition of a speedy 4-year old. Lol she was zoomin'.

Elif asked for movement, tall grasses, and golden hour. We decided on Legacy Park in Decatur, GA and when we first arrived, it was raining, BUT we waited it out and the field blessed us with some beautiful greens and golds. Paired with the oranges in their outfits, it is *chefs kiss*.

Thank you, Elif for allowing me to capture these moments and your story. I can't wait to see where life takes us next.

Love, Emily


"In a way I want to stay in these photographs, or at least the feeling of the photographs… forever. This is the most beautiful I have felt in my 31 years of life. The essence of womanhood, motherhood and this pregnancy perfectly captured in a series of photographs.

This pregnancy has been a challenge for me even before it become a reality and I lost myself there for a while. But I found myself and looking at these photos reminds me of the woman who came through to the other side. I didn’t know a story could be captured so well through a camera lens and then laid out so plainly in a few slides but here they are.

If there was one person who could do it, it was Emily. Besides her talent, she’s a beautiful soul who always brought me comfort. I have been so intrigued by her style of photography since she started to share them. She has a way of honoring the story behind the face and capturing it so well with her creative eye. Although time, distance and life factors made me think getting a photo shoot with her might not be possible, we made a way and it was meant to be. Somehow the perfect opportunities were created, and we were out in that field making magic.

This was a seamless photo shoot, shared with my little little girl who was honored in her true self, just the same as me."