Life is hitting hard these days. I'm not gonna lie.

I've talked a bit about my cat, Mr. Feef. He's not doing great and expenses are adding up.

Add in my transition out of public education, planning a wedding, and dealing with a late-diagnosed disability... meow meow things feel heavy.

Art helps me breathe. It is also how I support my family.

So, how does this affect my offerings?

While the original Summer 2023 experiences highlighted my skill, time, and talent, they needed to be more accessible to people who are also feeling life's burn.



Now $300/45 Mins/1 Look

OR $400/75 Mins/2 Looks

Also, burlesque has resurfaced as a special interest and the sensuality of this concept pairs well with my skills and the skills of my community.

This is perfect for spicy content creators or people who want to feel like they are on the cover of a romance novel.

Styling services will be provided by vintage lover, Sam Rockwell (pictured).

IN THE WORKS: Burlesque Boudoir Class & Event


Now $200/20 Mins/1 Looks

OR $300/45 Mins/2 Looks

Support film workers with an empowered look and a pink backdrop. Featuring the services and stories of striking locals and female entrepreneurs.

*Discounts available for artists/entrepreneurs.*

"Dance has always been in my life, it was the thing I did the most, the thing I knew the most, and after all this time, it is the thing that makes the most sense to me. I stopped dancing after college to focus more on acting, but it was always still there. Then the pandemic hit. And it was extremely hard for me, as it was for everyone, but I can look back now and say that full heartedly. Everything was out of control… But a pair of pointe shoes hung in my room and I thought 'I wonder how weak my feet are after almost 10 years.'

But I was better than I thought! So I just started recording myself, posting, and a lot of people enjoyed it.. I think I did too, it certainly gave me something to do. And it kind of saved me in a way; or at least it felt safe. And here we are with the writers/directors/actors strike and there’s not much going on.. this time I’m back in class and it helps tremendously."

- Alexandra Ficken/Actor (Pictured)

IN THE WORKS: Private Movie Screening & Market


$100/20 Mins

Combining the Walk and Talk and Pet Portrait experience, this is a very personal project for me.

My cat, Mr. Feef is going through some medical stuff. We don't really know what is happening, but it's mighty expensive. Things are kinda heavy over here.

His favorite place is the porch. He has to protect the flower beds from chipmunks. So, come visit our home or we can meet somewhere else to cherish life and relationships. It's too damn hot to be walking around. We are sitting down with a fan and a cool beverage.

Help me raise money for my lil' family. Donations via Venmo are also appreciated @emilydiamondphoto. Love ya and thank you. <3


Starting at $300/45 Mins/1 Look

Photos can be related to life events, special interests, to feel sexy... whatever. I'm here for it.

Send me an email or book a consultation to get started. :)

I hope you enjoy these adjusted offerings and i look forward to healing with you.