Let's get outside, or if you want, we can go sit somewhere. The goal is low pressure and a little movement. You can bring your pet or a loved one. We will capture the beauty in everyday life, whatever that may look like. I'm a great listener.

Friendly reminder to everyone, even the hard stuff is worth remembering.


Walking with Maggie Stiggers

"Shooting with Emily was such a dream. I had struggled for many years to conceive, so when I finally was ready for maternity photos, I wanted it to feel special. I wasn’t looking for cliche or corny, but memorable, unique, and photos that told a story.

As soon as I arrived, Emily made me feel comfortable. She has a special eye and attention to art direction. My photos came out gorgeous! They were beyond my expectations! I had sent Emily some inspiration photos and she delivered! Speaking of delivery, my edited photos were sent to me in such a timely manner. I have 0 regrets!

These photos have been framed, sent to family, added to the baby book, and posted on social media. I absolutely love them. Don’t hesitate to book with Emily today!"

Walking with Sam Marie

"In this time that has been a bit trivial, I found peace, love, and light. These images for me tell the story of a woman who amid a storm could have broken down. She didn’t. She saw the storm and instead of fighting it moved with the strong winds and pull of it. It’s been 3 months since I decided I wouldn’t take the pain anymore.

I connected more to nature. Deeply connected to it. I feel home with it. Living every moment with gratitude for the time I have. Learning to live purely in “the now”. Seeing that I don’t have to be perfect. That I can break down. I can cry. I can hurt. I can be still. There is strength in the crumble and death of my old self.

I decided that I will only accept what I deserve. These images tell the story of rebirth. A woman who decided to flourish after a great decline. She is at her revival."